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Glasfryn ProjectThe Glasfryn Project is both a website and a hub of literary/artistic activity centred around Glasfryn, a house in rural Llangattock, Powys. The website now features information and reports on events, a press, and a magazine called Junction Box.

The core of the project is its exploration and celebration of past and contemporary literatures by means of seminars, events, readings, and via the magazine and the press. But it aims also to make connections between different fields of intellectual and artistic activity and to bring practitioners in those fields together, in an open, improvisational environment, with a view to fostering new forms of creative interaction.

The Ghost Jam moves to London for two new episodes. On Friday 27th October at 4.00 pm it will present and perform at a conference called Translating Eurydice, organised by the Centre for Myth Studies, University of Essex and the University of East London, and taking place at the Stratford Campus: Then in the evening the Orphic/Eurydicean...

The Ghost Jam developed as an idea from an earlier collaborative performance called Beyond Orpheus, featuring Lyndon Davies, Scott Thurston, Penny Hallas, Rhys Trimble, Anthony Mellors and Steve Boyland. This, an amalgam of poetry, film, movement, music and voice improvisation took place in the dark attic space of Undegun in Wrexham. The space was sparsely lit and the audience moved through it...

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